Our Philosophy

We believe fitness is engrained in all of our DNA. We were designed to move. Without movement our bodies begin to decline and atrophy.  Our bodies crave movement. Unfortunately, our lifestyles are often focused on everything but movement.  We have jobs, priorities, obligations, etc. that trick us in to believing these are the most important pieces in our lives and well being. Our job here at Upside Fitness is to remind you that YOUR BODY is the most important piece in YOUR LIFE.  We think exercise should be fun, so we go out our way to keep things fresh and innovative with our state of the art studio. We offer individual and group fitness training and health coaching to a growing group of clients. Upside Fitness Studio specializes in weight loss, flexibility and athletic performance. In addition we have experience working with clients that suffer from many of the chronic illnesses prevalent in our society today.





Jason Thomas was born and raised in Central Oregon. After High School he attended Southern Oregon University, earning a B.S. in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. His degree brought him to Portland in 2001 when he began working at a local gym. Over the next seven years he learned the ins and outs of the fitness business and held management positions within the company.  In 2009 Jason opened up a home based fitness studio, and since then has grown his client base as well as his love for helping others. With a desire to increase his studio space as well as stay local to NE Portland,  Jason has decided to embark on a new endeavor- Upside Fitness.   When he is not working, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and sons as well as golfing, fly fishing, and camping.  Jason is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Personal Trainer


Kristin was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After enjoying a successful career as a knitwear designer, she returned to school and earned her BS in Health Studies: Physical Activity and Exercise, while also working as a personal trainer. Kristin is currently pursuing an MS in Health Studies at Portland State University.

In working as a trainer, Kristin's goal is to help her clients be prepared to meet anything that comes their way with energy, enthusiasm, and ease, be it an all-day hike in the gorge, running a 10K, or a softball game at a family picnic.  She believes that health and fitness should be available to everybody, regardless of current fitness status or difficult experiences with exercise in the past. Bringing empathy, humor, and strong communication skills to her sessions, Kristin wants to assist all of her clients in feeling empowered to take charge of their health and wellness.
Kristin's workout programs generally focus on functional strength and fitness, plus balance, coordination, and stability; she also incorporates her experience with dance and yoga into the gym setting. Her personal fitness routine is centered around her role as a dancer with Bloco Alegria, a Portland-based Rio-style samba band.

Lexie Sommers

Personal Trainer

Lexie Sommers was born in the PNW. Growing up a competitive athlete, she has been working with trainers and coaches since the age of 10.  After her own athletic career ended, she found her passion in helping others achieve their life and fitness goals. With a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as yoga teacher training from YogaFit, she has been training and teaching since 2012 with over 5000 sessions trained. She has experience working with all ages and abilities from the 85 year old recovering from a car accident to the 17 year old athlete and everything in between. When she is not training clients, she enjoys yoga, figure skating and powerlifting.